Hello, for the purpose of this blog my name is CJ. For those of you reading this who know me, you’ll figure why I chose that alais.

3 years ago now, I decided to blog about my dating experiences, it lasted all of 2 months because as ever, I rushed into a deep relationship very quickly and it failed, as did the 2 relationships that followed that one!

Also, in the last 3 years my life has changed somewhat dramaticly. My health, my work and my life genrally is not what it was 3 years ago, which proably sounds daft really..were all getting ill as we age..we all change over time but I feel like I have lost who I am in someway and I guess this blog is a focus point for me to put down my feelings, go back over history and share my experiences.

The main point of this blog is my journey to finally meet ‘the one’ I have recognised that I have perhaps approached this dating lark in the wrong way in the past. Connecting with someone is such a big thing for me but with so much dating done online these days its actually hard to NOT connect with someone in some way or another. My mistake in the past has been getting over excited in this, forever texting my best friend (Who I love dearly) with “oh my god hes so amazing” “i have never met someone like him” before actually truly getting to know them.

Im ripping up my own rule book, I am going to stop talking to just one person at a time, I am going to go on first dates and not feel I have to have a 2nd out of politeness, Im not going to give in to sex within 3 dates and I am going to stop having so many expectations.

Welcome….lets go!


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