Date 1: A cactus called Gavin

Does a cactus grow? I have no idea, a cactus is “The ultimate easy-care houseplant” but how easy is easy. The person who made this statement failed to put on the little tag weather it grows. How do I know if I am looking after it well enough…why the heck do I suddenly have a cactus in my life!?

Yesterday I went on a date, with someone who I have only been speaking to since Saturday. I think its the quickest I have ever been on a date, and its 100% up there with the best.

We began our little light hearted banter back on Saturday whilst I was watching my son play football. At the time 2 individuals had asked what I was doing and I gave them both the same answer. Only one replied, I can only assume the other was not interested dating someone who had kids as this is the first both will have realised I came as part of a package.

Following a few more messages on Saturday, he offered me his number and we quickly moved to WhatsApp. Initially I was unsure about him, he looked a bit of a poser on his photos, he’s a musician and everything screamed to me ‘NO’ but within a few messages, I could tell we were VERY similar in personality. It is weird how you can tell so much from 4 or 5 messages, I wish I still had them tbh but he has unmatched me on tinder. Not sure why, and I have not asked. Perhaps he’s no longer on there?, but that would be odd. I’m not over thinking it…for now!

Anyway, so he was pretty keen to meet and so we arranged Thursday. Between Saturday and Thursday, we messaged loads and texed and had 3 lengthy phone calls. It was all feeling very good, he seemed really keen and I felt completely at ease.

Fast forward to Thursday….WOW.

He knocked on my door to pick me up (For those judging already that he came to my house…jog on) I let him in, he needed a piss. 1 Hour driving in the car does that to a person, so he hugged me and immediately went to the loo….it seemed like ages he was up there. I spent the entire time wondering If I’d left my tampax box on display or if I’d cleared the leg hair out the bath…is he going to realise the david beckham stuff is my sons and not a secret boyfriends…I also quickly changed the TV channel from Judge Rinder…

He came down stairs and kissed me, FUCK. I thought I was done for, how the heck was I ever going to get out the house. All I wanted to do was take him to bed, right there and then. He was beautiful and it felt so right. He has said previously that we had chemistry, a natural connection some might say. I certainly felt how pleased he was with my kissing skills…well what can I say, I’m a natural.

After much kissing, we headed towards town. Bless him, he had done so much research about my area but the weather was to crap to do most of it, as we reached town, I am unsure how we got onto the subject but he said he needed to go B&Q for something this week, so I said lets go now! So there we are at 4:30pm on a Thursday afternoon pulling into a DIY store on a first date. (I would say this was the most randomest, but I did once go walking around a sofa store on a first date once so its kinda on par! (Turned out that man was a dickhead..but I saw some lovely sofas!) I helped him find the cable ties and electrical tape he required as well as a plant pot for his mums garden. We joked about how 50 shades it was, I walked behind him at one point and kissed the back of his neck…he said it sent a shiver down his spine and he instantly hugged me. It was all just so daft, and easy. What was this man doing to me!

I think I am a fairly easy person to get on with, one to ones are my speciality and I am comfortable talking to strangers about stuff. I like to talk and get to know how people work, what makes them tick and figure out how in someway could I enhance their life if I was given that opportunity. I am a people pleaser…or a man pleaser I guess. I get a buzz from making them happy in whatever sense that is. I know, going to that DIY shop made his life easier, I helped him find what he needed and I we had a right old laugh. I even ended up buying the sweetest little cactus, as a date reminder I guess. My date named him Gavin and he now sits upon my kitchen window…waiting to grow. Or not grow.

On the way out the store he bought me a can of Fanta from the machine. That was a memory we both had as kids, you were dragged around the store but always got a can of pop on the way out. Such a sweet little moment actually.

A moment ruined by the fact I then spilt said pop and half my cactus soil over his car floor!! He went around a corner too quick…and it all came crashing down…he wasn’t bothered but I felt so bad, his poor car and POOR GAVIN!!

Cinema was lovely, we snuggled on the back row, kissed a little and at no point were we not touching each other. It was like we were on date 4 or 5. There was a man on his own at the front, it felt a little like a very awkward threesome, I did wonder at one point if this was part of the date set up…some really fucked up fanstay being played out….it wasn’t of course. After the film we went into the arcades and played pretty broken archade games, I won the racing and air hockey but he thrashed me at pool. We grabbed food and made our way back to mine.

On the way back I just had a horrible feeling. I didn’t want the night to end at all. We’d not had long enough together. I needed to know more.

HE dropped me at home and we said our goodbyes. He said he wanted to see me again, I said I wanted to see him. Weather this ever happens is anyones guess. This man is the sorted I didn’t need to meet on the start of this journey. This is the kinda of man I would wait for, I would put all my effort into and would usually stip talking to other guys for immediately. But I can’t let myself do this. I am talking to someone else and I will 100% go on a date with them next week. I hope in the meantime to gage how ‘Cactus man’ is and how serious he is about a 2nd meeting.

I can’t imagine how anyone would not fall for a guy like him, such a lovely lovely personality! I really think he is out my league in terms of looks….I really fucking like him though!


Wicked personality, down to earth.
Loving towards his family.


Nothing about this man so far could be a negative. I don’t think there could be any. ffs….I really like him already!!

Best moment: buying Gavin.

With my first date complete, and now written up. I feel this blog has properly started. I apologise if my English is not great, I will get better the more I write.

Thanks for reading ā¤ x


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